Law schools are facing unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts: a global pandemic that affects every aspect of how quality education, scholarship, and institutional service are performed; a continued decline funding for higher education, and a dwindling pool of applicants. The avenues that lead to a career as a law teacher are also changing. An increasing number of today’s new teachers enter the profession with scholarship and a scholarly network already underway. The groundwork is set for these new faculty members to take on multiple roles as teachers, scholars, mentors, and institutional citizens. New law teachers, including those joining law school faculties as tenure-track, lecturer, clinical, or visiting appointees, need to understand these challenges to succeed in their careers.

At this virtual workshop, participants will be able to share their experiences and concerns with both each other and with a roster of inspirational scholars and teachers chosen for their commitment to legal education, the distinction they have achieved in their own careers, and the diversity of their scholarly and pedagogical approaches.

These speakers will pass along valuable advice about developing, placing, and promoting one’s scholarship as well as tips and techniques for successful student engagement and assessment. They will also address the often-competing demands of institutional service and the evolving expectations of law students and faculty colleagues.

There is something special about an event that draws together new law faculty from around the country. We look forward to welcoming new faculty members as they settle into this phase of their legal career.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will benefit those within their first one to three years of teaching in law school, whether they are on tenure track, contract, or are visiting assistant professors.